Follow the production principle of "quality first, safety and environmental protection", establish the process specification of industrialization transfer and production, and provide stable and high-quality products and services for customers.

Emergency response plans for fire, First Aid, chemical leaking, and other accidents are stated in our safety manual;

Fire alarm system is applied in all buildings;

Material Management system is applied to control chemical transfer and inventory;

In-house training for all employees;

ISO 9001:2015 certified;

Video monitoring security system is applied throughout the whole site;

Module set-up to handle unstable compounds.

Our factory in Yongdeng County,Lanzhou City,Gansu, with a total area of about 70000 square meters, equipped with various models of reaction kettle (100 l - 5000 l), a total of more than one hundred Taiwan (sets), and the corresponding utility and sewage treatment facilities, which can realize - 100-240 ℃ high temperature reaction, and all kinds of 0 ~ 5 mpa Reaction and anhydrous anoxic reaction of the ton level industrial continuous production, the annual design capacity of 100 tons.